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    In his April 2013 Atavist story The Legends of Last Place, Abe Streep brought us the saga of the Santa Fe Fuego, a minor-minor-league baseball team whose lackluster performance in 2012 earned it the distinction of being the last-ranked team in all of professional baseball. At the time, the Fuego’s pitcher was Rod Tafoya, at 47 the oldest active professional baseball player in the game. Before joining the Fuego, Tafoya had spent years pitching in various semi-professional baseball leagues, in singleminded pursuit of a goal he had imposed on himself: Before he retired, he vowed, he would win 300 semi-pro baseball games.

    On his Facebook page, Tafoya, now pitching for the semi-pro Albuquerque Yankees, informs us that he finally hit the 300 mark yesterday with the Yankees’ victory over the Albuquerque Colt 45s—which seems like as good an excuse as any to revisit Streep’s wonderful, funny and occasionally heartbreaking portrayal of the pitcher and his teammates.

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    An excerpt from The Legends of Last Place, by Abe Streep: 

    On November 9, 2011, Rodney Tafoya stood in a long line at Santa Fe city hall. He was clean-shaven and wearing a sharp beige sports jacket, his black hair immaculately sculpted with gel. His trim, five-foot-nine build was betrayed only by the first swellings of a middle-aged belly. He had two minutes to speak, and he had no notes, but his intentions were unambiguous. He planned to convince the city government to give him one more shot at greatness. He felt a passion rising inside him. Time was running short. He was 47 years old.

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    What Happened to Kalinka Bamberski?

    The abduction of Dr. Dieter Krombach began in the village of Scheidegg, in southern Germany. His three kidnappers punched him in the face, tied him up, gagged him and threw him in the back of their car. They drove 150 miles, crossing the border into the Alsace region of France, with Krombach stretched out on the floor between the seats. The car stopped in the town of Mulhouse. An accomplice called the local police and stayed on the line just long enough to deliver a bizarre instruction: “Go to the rue de Tilleul, across from the customs office,” the anonymous caller said. “You’ll find a man tied up.” 

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