1. Longform Podcast: Matthew Power

    One of our favorite adventure writers (who also happens to be an Atavist author) discusses some of his favorite stories. 

    Might we also recommend reading Island of Secrets?

  2. picturedept:

    Samuel James, Water of My Land: The Niger Delta’s Illicit Fuel Trade
    Fires from hundreds of illicit fuel refineries burn every night throughout the Niger Delta. Concealed deep within mangrove swamps and raffia forests, men, women and children work by flashlight, manually tossing stolen crude oil into burning pits to keep the refining process going. Flames explode momentarily then recede into darkness.

    Photographer Samuel James will be showing this body of work at the Half King. There will be an opening on Tuesday the 12th of February at 7:30PM. Sam will be joined by Stacey D. Clarkson of Harper’s Magazine to discuss the work.

    We’ll be stopping by tonight! 

  3. longformpodcast:

    Episode 14: David Samuels

    David Samuels, contributing editor at Harper’s and contributor to The New Yorker and The Atlantic, interviewed by Evan Ratliff.

    “You start by doing the thing you want to do, at whatever level you can.” 

  4. longformpodcast:

    Episode 7: Gideon Lewis-Kraus

    Gideon Lewis Kraus, author of A Sense of Direction, interviewed by Aaron Lammer.

    “My best friend, who is a fiction writer, she once said to me that she saw a lot of the things I was doing as ‘wring tenderness from absurdity.’ That wouldn’t have occurred to me to put it that way, but that does seem to me [what] I like to do…. I am someone who can very easily be dismissive, or even contemptuous. And one of the things I like about reporting a story, particularly reporting a story that is ultimately, counterintuitively, positive, is that it gives me a chance to work through that, and be the more tender, sympathetic person that I would like to be in real life.”