1. instagram:

    Photojournalists from around the globe have begun using Instagram as an important part of their storytelling, using the intimacy and immediacy of mobile photography to open up new avenues of engagement with their audiences.

    From Hurricane Sandy’s destruction to baseball’s opening season, photojournalists are capturing and sharing the world’s stories with people in real time through Instagram.

    To tune into the news as it unfolds, be sure to follow these photojournalists:

    • Michael Christopher Brown, documents life in Congolese refugee camps — @michaelchristopherbrown
    • Ben Lowy, a conflict and feature photographer based in New York City — @benlowy
    • Phil Moore, a British photojournalist based in East Africa — @philmoorephoto
    • Kevin Frayer, the chief photographer for the Associated Press in South Asia — @kevinfrayer
    • Ivan Kashinsky, a freelance photographer based in Quito, Ecuador — @ivankphoto
    • Michael Yamashita, a documentary photographer for National Geographic specializing in Asia — @yamashitaphoto


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    While we at the Atlas certainly don’t portend to be photojournalists, we do love partaking in a little Instagram now and...
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